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                    B R E A T H E . S k i n & B o d y              

TINTING  Blackwood . Adelaide

Eyelash & Eyebrow Tinting

Lash Tint . $20

Lash Tint . Brow Tint . $30

Lash Tint . Brow Wax . $35

Lash Tint . Brow Tint & Wax . $45

Brow Tint . $15

Brow Tint . Wax . $30

Brow Bleaching . Lightening . from . $25

HENNA . Brow Tint & Semi Permanent Stain . Suggesting A Thicker / Longer / Stronger Brow . from . $40

HENNA Brow Tint is the long awaited product created just for those who weren't blessed with naturally thick brows, who perhaps over plucked, who may suffer from a medical condition or simply by thinning naturally . HENNA Brow Tint will give a soft , subtle suggestion of Thicker & / or Longer Brows by Staining the Skin, its a semi Permanent Brow Tattoo ! just Perfect for Thin / Patchy Brows . . . 

As we get older our Brows become Lighter & Thinner ... This happens slowly over time & usually goes unnoticed !

Eyebrows are "Extremely" important to an Anti-Aging look & feel. When Brows are fair in colour, we tend to look Pale & Washed out ! by simply enhancing your Lashes & Brows . you will Define your Eyes & Brighten the Face.

Specializing in : Eyebrow Tinting & Shaping

Coming from an Artistic background . I believe this is beneficial in enabling me to obtain the 'Perfect Brow' for each client...

No matter how . Pale / Grey / Thin . your Eyebrows are . given the opportunity to Blend the 'Perfect Colour' & Contour the 'Perfect Shape' your Brows will not only look Naturally Thicker . will also radiate a . Prettier . Softer . Youthful Appearance.

* To maintain a lovely depth of colour . tinting is recommended every 4 weeks.

* Blending Tint Colours . creates an opportunity to achieve the ideal . Colour Enhancement for each individual client.

* Allowing time for discussion prior to starting . gives me an understanding & achieving clients desired out come.

Glasses : Its easy to be mistaken in thinking because you wear glasses . there is probably no need to have your Eyebrows Tinted / Waxed / Shaped ... a LASH & BROW enhancement is so beneficial . even more so for those wearing

glasses ... Don't get Lost behind your glasses ... glasses should compliment your Face / Style ... Not Dominate !

Tint Colours . Black . Blue-Black . Medium Brown . Light Brown . Chestnut . Graphite