B R E A T H E . S k i n & B o d y              

MANICURE  Blackwood . Adelaide

Mini . cleanse . cut . file / shape nails . cuticle care . polish . 25 mins . $30

Full . soak . cut . file / shape nails . cuticle contouring . soak . extreme conditioning cream . vitamin enriched cuticle oil .massage . polish . 35 mins . $45

Deluxe . full mani + gentle exfoliating . intensive moisture mask . warm natural oils . hot towels . nourishing massage lotion . 50 mins . $70

Gel . cut . file / shape nails . cuticle contouring . nail plate prep . choice of 200 gel colours . safe LED curing light . instant dry . last 3 - 6 weeks . 30 mins . $38

Essential oils - Tee Tree . Peppermint . Chamomile . Lavender . Rosemary . Geranium

Enjoy! ... A beautifully . complete . manicure experience . transforming your hands . skin & nails by using quality products infused with aromatic essential oils & herbal extracts which are extremely soothing & nourishing for not only your hands . skin & nails . but also beneficial for calming your spirit & relaxing the mind.

Breathe . Skin & Body practices 'The Art Of A Safe Manicure' Focusing on Hygiene . Sterilization & Client care.

Softening Soak: Submerge your hands in deep ceramic bowls . in a sublime . relaxing . warm . softening foaming soak which cleanse & refresh your hands, nails & cuticles, leaving a cooling sensation due to the properties of the natural essential oils. It contains tea tree, chamomile, lavender & peppermint, recognised for their therapeutic & antiseptic qualities.

Exfoliating: Removes the barrier of dead skin cells clogging the skin. This opens the way for moisturizing products to penetrate more deeply into the skin, which makes them more effective. Leaving your skin looking fresh and healthy. Containing natural essential oils of lavender, rosemary, geranium & tea tree. 

Moisture Mask: An aroma-therapeutic, rejuvenating hand mask which is enriched with Alpha Hydroxy Acid complexes & soothing, conditioning essential oils of lavender & geranium. Your hands are wrapped & placed in beautifully soft warming mitts . which assist opening the pores of your skin to allow the softening . nourishing . natural oils & minerals to penetrate.

Extreme Moisture: Moisturises & nourishes your skin using natural oils & herbal extracts. Your skin will feel softer, is toned, refined & energized. Stimulating healthy, natural nail growth & restore your skins suppleness, leaving a nourishing healthy glow.

Cuticle Therapy: A gentle treatment cream to soften, nourish & moisturize your cuticles to help prevent drying & tearing. Enriched with vitamin-e, avocado oil, lanolin & herbal extracts. Promotes & stimulates natural nail growth.

Cuticle Remove & Condition: This cuticle & stain remover contains chamomile to prevent over drying of the skin & nails while softening cuticles for gentle removal from nail plate. Cuticle oil conditions & nourishes with exclusive blend to penetrate the skins pores while sealing in valuable moisture required to prevent dry brittle nails, providing unpolished nails with a healthy natural shine.

* Prices on mini, full & deluxe services above are for applying Enamel Nail Polish . should you wish Gel Polish . $10 extra

* Equipment . is Sterilized in hospital grade disinfectant between each & every client.